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MTS Speed-Building Challenge - posted on 17th Oct 2018 at 6:25 PM
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Original Poster
#1 Old 26th Jan 2016 at 3:28 PM
Default I want to make hair textures with Gimp
Hi again!

I want a good tutorial to make some nice hair textures.
I want to beg you for a good tutorial, that, Even I can understand.
I don´t know if that´s against the rules, (I´m uncertain about that) but I´m desperate now!
I don´t know what to do anymore!
I don´t get it how other hairstyle creators make their textures to fit the UV map.
If you know what I mean.
I been searching all over the web for some tutorials, been testing EA´s textures, but that won´t fit my UV maps.
I will upload the UV map texture for my project here, on modthesims.
I really want to fix this annoying problem due to my ignorance, I really want to learn how to make the textures.
If I can´t fix it, I can´t upload the whole hairstyle here in the downloads section.
That would really dissapoint me since I have been working on this project for months now!

Thanks in advanced! (Sorry for the long message...)
Puffin McMuffin
staff: administrator
#2 Old 26th Jan 2016 at 8:19 PM
It seems that your UV map would make it hard to make a proper UV map. It's because everything is overlapping itself. To make a proper UV map, It should look something like this (Picture in the bottom of this post)
You can see that it is all straight and clear. It's okay if SOME pieces are overlapping each other, but you should make sure they are directed the right way. I guess it might be better to create a new UV map that looks a bit like this preview.
A tutorial that helped me out a lot when it came to hairs, it sadly got set to private, but I'm planning to make a similar video of it. All the other tutorials I can come up with are just simple hair retextures that doesn't involve anything with a UV map.

So first things that needs to happen to your UVmap to make it amazing, you re-map it. It's either selecting small bits and making them look like the picture I sent you, or just make your 3D program unwrap it. This might give a weird result so I would try selecting and moving it to the side or rotating the ones that needs to be rotated. If you use Blender, the easiest way to select one piece of the hair UV is to use the L button.
After you've done that and everything looks all right again, I would go into Photoshop or GIMP and copy paste the hair texture you made or maybe EA's one! and then I would view it either in TSRW or in your 3D program to see if you rotated the UV map right, if a hair texture needs some edit and there you have it ^-^
Lab Assistant
Original Poster
#3 Old 27th Jan 2016 at 9:42 AM
Thank you for answering my post.
I understand, I need to change the UV map in my Blender?
Well, when I first started with this project, the UV map look similar to my uploaded UV map textures.
As you can see in my first post, I have combined three UV map textures to make a hair texture map.
That would be great if you make a tutorial video of creating hair textures!

Thank you!
Puffin McMuffin
staff: administrator
#4 Old 27th Jan 2016 at 10:33 AM
Originally Posted by Kagamine Rin
Thank you for answering my post.
I understand, I need to change the UV map in my Blender?
Well, when I first started with this project, the UV map look similar to my uploaded UV map textures.
As you can see in my first post, I have combined three UV map textures to make a hair texture map.
That would be great if you make a tutorial video of creating hair textures!

Thank you!

Hmmm 3? I take it you got it from a model? If so, it's really common that if you combine these groups together your UV map would look really weird. That's why I guess the best thing you can do is remapping it. but yeah you need to change your UV map in Blender, and make it point the right directions, etc. (Just as explained in the previous reply) Does (if you have used a model) come with textures? Maybe you can see how they did it?
Lab Assistant
Original Poster
#5 Old 27th Jan 2016 at 2:13 PM
Yes, three meshparts and UV maps.
Yeah, you´re right, it comes from a model. (Project Diva, Dreamy Theatre Default Hatsune Miku Model.)
I have the textures, but I heard the textures should be 1024x1024 pixels.
Some of the textures is the correct 1024x1024 pixels, but some other is 512x512 and 1024x256 pixels.
But I guess I can change the size in Gimp.
I will upload the hair textures here.
I saw one tutorial by hystericalparoxysm i think, somewhere on modthesims(?)
She/he used UV map and laid the hair texture over it.
She/he used photoshop to do this.
Then she/he "warped" the texture to fit the UV map.
Can I do this method to?
I would really want to link that page, but I´m not a proffessional on that.
In fact, I´m a noob at meshing and texturing too.
Not many people mesh for The Sims 3 anymore(mostly Sims 4), that makes me a bit sad...
Therefore, I will do a try to make a set for all the Dreamy Theatre 2nd characters!
That includes the hairstyles, clothes and accessories.
Puffin McMuffin
staff: administrator
#6 Old 27th Jan 2016 at 9:01 PM
It looks like that the second texture (or the one in the middle) is the actual texture. You might try that one out and see if I'm right. Else I would use the other textures to correct some of the textures that aren't right. I'm not sure what you mean with 'warped', but if it involves the UV map layout changing in Photoshop, don't do it. The uv layout ISN'T attached to your mesh, it's more like a copy of it but the original is 'attached' to the mesh. So whatever you do in GIMP or Photoshop, DON'T TOUCH THE UV MAP. Textures are okay, but just not the uv map.
Most Photoshop tutorials also work the same in GIMP. It's just that more people (including me) prefers Photoshop over GIMP. Could be a lot of reasons, but it doesn't mean that the tutorials won't work with GIMP. It's a bit the same, Photoshop and GIMP. Both have channels, layers, and the one has this other function the other program doesn't have.
Textures should be 1024x1024 if you want to make it HQ in a way. The other ones are probably from a group that doesn't need a size this big.

Texturing and meshing is just something you need to practice yourself. With tutorials or maybe some sort of lesson in real life that could teach you some things about meshing. Although it won't teach you about how to get it into the sims 3, that's why I always relay on tutorials ^-^
Lab Assistant
Original Poster
#7 Old 30th Jan 2016 at 3:50 PM
Default How do I remap the hair?
Hi, thank you for helping me!

Sorry to bother you even more, but I don´t know how to edit or make a new UV map in Blender.
Are there any tutorials on the web?
What should I type in on Google the get some good answers?
I get it what you mean know, my UV map is not usable?
Sorry to mess things up, I think this is pretty hard to learn and understand...
As I said before I´m a noob.
Sorry to bother you with my stupid questions(I have Aspergers Syndrome, and English is not my native language...)
Puffin McMuffin
staff: administrator
#8 Old 31st Jan 2016 at 12:58 PM
That's completely fine! English isn't my native language either. ^-^

Uvmapping can be hard to teach you yourself, but this tutorial taught me how to do it. It's a playlist but very helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2-...Go7LAk3mhfxbMhd

Let me know if you have any questions about the hair ^-^
Lab Assistant
Original Poster
#9 Old 31st Jan 2016 at 1:53 PM
Thank you for the playlist videos!

When I looked at the first part of the video, the guy is talking about "seams" or "edges".
I think I know what he means about that, but i don´t know where to start...
If you want/have some time you can eventually help me and look at the mesh if I upload the mesh as a compressed folder with the wavefront object to load in Blender.
That would be so nice!
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: zip Hatsune Miku Hair.zip (387.0 KB, 15 downloads) - View custom content
Description: This is the Wavefront Object, with the 3 hair textures.
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