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2018 Calendar Contest Winners - posted on 10th Jan 2018 at 5:38 PM
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Top Secret Researcher
#11926 Old Yesterday at 11:36 PM
neighborhood templates; are the shipped version ones carried forward to each successive pack?
Mad Poster
#11927 Old Yesterday at 11:50 PM
Each disc installs the new hoods and new templates in the program files on the machine, and they stay there. If you have BG, BV, and AL, but not OFB, Seasons, or Freetime, you'll have the three original neighborhoods, the three vacation destinations, and Belladonna Cove, but you won't have Riverblossom Hills and Desiderata Valley.

Andrew, I sometimes find that a sim who can't be ordered to clean up dirty dishes can be influenced to do so. But it can take a long time as for some reason nobody seems to have fixed the code that makes non-controlled cleaners clean up absolutely everything else before taking care of the dishes!

I've had this glitch more than once. Once everyone in the house had it at the same time and I finally resorted to the stuck object remover.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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#11928 Old Today at 9:43 AM
Do burglars ever come to residential ("for rent") university properties?
Lab Assistant
#11929 Old Today at 9:45 AM
Yes, I‘ve had burglars in university.
Mad Poster
#11930 Old Today at 10:33 AM
Default On the subject of Sims rejecting an invitation to join a casual group.
Originally Posted by jdusk on 13th Jan 2018
I've never had this happen in my game but I would think it could be because she didn't like someone else in the casual group (Pamela or Kent). There's oftentimes background fury or other poor relations between townies that I don't realize exists until I make them selectable.

I checked Bianca Monty's relationships in SimPE. Her relationship with Kent Capp is a good one. You may recall Maxis gave them a mutual crush on each other. Well, that came to nothing in my game and both are now in same-sex relationships, but Kent and Bianca have remained very good friends, giving each other mutual support on various occasions. So I checked Bianca's relationship with Pamela Landry. It wasn't so much of a bad relationship as a non-relationship. Long and Short Term relationships are zero in both directions, and the Known flag isn't even checked suggesting that they've never met. (This sort of relationship may come into existence when the two Sims are on the same lot at the same time, but never interact with each other.) So maybe the absence of a proper relationship with one of the casual group members is a good enough reason for a Sim to refuse to join the group.

I had something similar a few years ago. Kent Capp was on an outing downtown with Romance teen Jack Gill. My story was that Kent had acknowledged to himself that he was gay, and had asked the gay Sim he knew best (i.e. Jack) to come with him on a shopping trip and advise him on what clothes and accessories to buy. Jack, being Jack, was treating the whole thing as a joke and advising Kent to buy the most ridiculous stuff -- a black suit with ultra-short shorts and bright red shoes, and, worst of all, a bright turquoise emo boy style hairpiece. Kent was the only active playable. When they were at the clothes shop I spotted my original Sim Andrew Jones there so I made Jack controllable with the Control-This-Sim hack and got him to introduce Kent to Andrew. Now Jack and Andrew are both gay teens, and they are best friends, but their approach to love is very different. Andrew believes in faithful True Love in the sense of "I will love you till I die." Jack likes to have fun with lots of different lovers. When Andrew saw the stuff that Jack had persuaded Kent to buy and wear, he just stared at Kent in speechless amazement. (He really did that -- I posted a picture here. I'll try and find it and post a link if anyone's interested.) Next Jack asked Andrew to join the casual group. Despite his close friendship with Jack, Andrew steadfastly refused. In terms of my story this was good: Andrew was taking the moral high ground and refusing to get involved with Jack's practical joke. This is completely in line with Andrew's character as I understand it, so from a story point of view it was perfect. However I did wonder a little why, in terms of game mechanics, Andrew rejected the invitation from a Sim with whom hew had an excellent relationship. The only thing I could think of was that, although it was Jack who invited him, it was really Kent's group, and Andrew had only met Kent for the first time minutes before.

Apologies for taking so ridiculously long to reply to your post @jdusk. I'm afraid that sometimes Real Life gets in the way of my Simming!

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