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#1 Old 14th Jan 2018 at 5:01 AM

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Default My teen is showing up as married
I've begun a new legacy hood with TS2 UC, where my sims are forced to start as solitary teenagers (aged down with baby simmodder thingy) with only one weeks rent + $20 in their pockets, and thus forced to go to school and survive even though they are not allowed to get jobs (start a business only).

My playable sims all became the best of friends, and as teens they dated. Now they're all growing up, and marrying townies and starting their families.

But there is one teenager who is showing up as married to a playable adult who was NEVER his girlfriend in the first place. This adult is married to another man (townie) and she was never involved with this teenager.

Funnily enough, he has a memory now of "cheating" on his highschool sweetheart, but no memory of kissing or being romantic with the other woman. He has no memory of getting married either.

I checked his supposed wife, she is normal, and happily married to her real husband. She is not showing up as married to the teen.

I don't have inteen or insiminator, most of my hacks are Pescado's.

I hope he doesn't cause her to get in trouble with her husband once he grows into an adult. I also hope that this won't prevent him from marrying once he grow up!
I apologise if I didn't write this clearly, I am really crap at explaining/describing things smoothly due to my austistic brain
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#3 Old 14th Jan 2018 at 5:31 AM
I've heard of the wrong flags sometimes being accidentally set. You need to go into SimPE and uncheck the married flag and delete all the cheating memories.
#4 Old 14th Jan 2018 at 5:43 AM
You can also remove the married flag with the sim blender, and you can remove visible memories with the memory manipulator...probably best to do the memories part in SimPE, though, because a lot of memories are invisible and he might have some of those too.
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#5 Old 14th Jan 2018 at 7:05 AM
Thanks everybody. I'm curious to see if it fixes itself after he ages. If not, I'll figure out how to use SimPE!
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