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#1 Old 27th Feb 2017 at 9:15 PM
Default A Sims 4 Vampire Challenge

Forgotten Hollow is ready for a revolution. Are you?

Hello, and welcome to a Sims 4 Vampires Challenge! The aim of this challenge is to take over Forgotten Hollow from Count Vladislaus Straud IV, and become the ultimate Grand Master (and naturally, the most awesome) vampire in the game.

By the end, your vampire will have a successful coven, ahem, family to follow their wishes and keep their bloodline alive. This challenge takes inspiration from a few older challenges from previous Sims games, but otherwise is put together by me, because I struggle to stay focused on the Sims without them.

Okay, onto the basics!


Start in CAS by making any vampire you could wish for. Though it’s not set in stone, it’s advised you pick traits and aspirations suitable to being a vampire that will be living in Forgotten Hollow; for example, the aspiration that comes with the City Living pack won’t help you, as you must live in FH for the duration of the challenge.

Their appearance, and whether their Dark Form is different, is completely up to you.

Once you have created your vampire, place them in the 30x30 lot named Fledermaus Bend in Forgotten Hollow, then build a small underground lair, to protect them from the sun. This lair must be roughly 10x6, though liberties can be taken – it’s just meant to be small. Decorate it as you wish, though be realistic; a fairly new vampire is unlikely to have a few 1000 simoleon statues lying around. Make sure you have the essentials – a shower/bath, a coffin/bed, and a few lighting sources.

Around the entrance to the lair, place a few bushes, things to make it look less inconspicuous. I’ve tested this, and if done properly and the stairs are at one side of the lair, the sun won’t harm your vampire during the day.

After this is complete, cheat to reduce your sim’s money to 1,200 simoleons. Now, you’re ready to start playing!



1. Have a successful family of at least twelve other vampires, as well as at least ten other vampires that you could call on if a fight broke out – aka, good friends. Of these ten, two must be the Vatore siblings. The twelve familial vampires will naturally be moved out during the course of the challenge. It is suggested they are moved into adjoining lots in Forgotten Hollow. There are no restrictions on the sort of house/lot they must move into, as once moved out, they will not be played often/if at all.
2. Your vampire must reach the ‘Grand Master’ level. All of the familial vampires must reach at least ‘Minor’ level. At least three must reach ‘Master’ level, and another five must reach ‘Prime’ level. This is so you have a strong coven, and are not just pumping out terrible vampire offspring that can’t beat a duck.
3. Have earned enough money to move into Vlad’s mansion once he’s gone.
4. Get rid of Vlad. This can be done by curing his vampirism, or forcing him out in the sunlight for long enough. How you do this is up to you. If it’s becoming too difficult, then feel free to cheat to get rid of him. The main thing is that you reach the first three goals first.



1. Your vampire may have a career, but they must not be any of the ‘Get To Work’ careers, or use the ‘work from home’ option if picking a career from City Living. All offspring are also allowed careers, subject to the same rules.
2. The lair can be moved upstairs, or built upon whenever you like as long as you have the simoleons. No money cheats are allowed. No cheats that would heavily affect gameplay are allowed, in fact – cheating to get vampiric points, fill needs, etc. Those that only affect appearances, such as cas.fulleditmode, are perfectly acceptable. If unsure, ask!
3. During the course of the challenge, your vampire must befriend both the Vatore siblings already living in Forgotten Hollow, as they are also at odds with Vlad and therefore are valuable allies. You may romance one or both, but may not have children with either of them.
4. You may romance human or alien sims, as well as vampires, but they must not be turned unless they produce a vampire child. This means waiting until the offspring is a teen, so choose your romances wisely; elders are not allowed to be turned into vampires. You can turn as many romances as you like, but only those living with you will count towards the twelve familial total, and a max of three in total. The idea is to create a strong coven from your own bloodline.
5. There is no limit on the amount of offspring you can have with any one sim. However, if they do not turn out to have the vampire gene, they must be moved out within three days of becoming a teen – outcast from the family, so to speak. You are only allowed to turn one teen into a vampire during the course of this challenge, so its suggested you save that for a favourite teen you just don’t want to part with.
6. Use the ‘random traits’ generator from Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge to randomise traits for your offspring. Aspirations aren’t important, so feel free to change these, just not traits.
7. Toddlers, children and teens are allowed to go to school and other places.
8. You may only leave your lot at night, as a general rule. For example, to go to the library or the gym. Work does not count, as you are not travelling to another lot on your screen.
9. Plasma packs or fruit are only allowed as a last resort. If at all possible, have your vampires feed on other sims, even those they have romanced or offspring that turn out to be human.
10. The traits your vampires earn are totally up to you. Their weaknesses are not, however, and must be chosen randomly, either through a random generator, or asking someone else.

Hope people find this fun! Feel free to ask any questions, this challenge is in BETA and I haven’t even finished it yet, so changes may be made as I play along!
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#2 Old 14th Jun 2017 at 11:22 AM
If a sim is a vampire or alien they'll have their occult "trait" above their regular ones in CAS, so you can check if they're a vampire before they're teenagers if you do that. However if that goes against the challenge rules I can see why you wouldn't want anyone doing that.

The Sims 3 is my life.
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#3 Old 15th Jun 2017 at 11:58 PM
So, for the friendly vampires outside the family, are we allowed to turn (non-elder) sims our vampire is not romancing into vampires and use them to fulfill the 10 good friends requirement?
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