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Default The School- A Maximum Ride-Themed Challenge
Mandatory Packs and Mods:
A Homeschooling Mod


Before you read the challenge, I need to say a couple things. First, I'm sorry if some things don't make sense. I have trouble with explaining things. This is also my first challenge, so I apologize if it seems a bit dumb. You can play the challenge without reading the book it is based on, but I highly suggest you have already read the series if you haven't already. If you want to read it, the first book is called Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Patterson . Along with that, I give a trigger warning. The idea of experimentation may upset people, and even with no actual torture going on (In my eyes, at least), the idea still isn't very pleasing. If you decide to read it and find you don't like it, don't say I didn't warn you. With that down, here is the challenge.

Babies and toddlers ages are set to 7 days, Children and teens are set to 21, young adults and adults are set to 56 days, and elders are set to 14 days. The life span of the average sim would be 182 days. Seasons are set to whatever you desire, but I suggest you make them longer than the default, but that is for you to decide. Set the moon cycle to 10.

You are fresh out of Medical School/University, and just got a job as a genetics scientist at one of the largest and greatest industries in the world: Itex! The branch you were assigned to was in Sunset Valley (Or a town without supernaturals). On your first day, you are shocked to find out that they used sims as their experiments, and three were sent to live with you. You soon learn that the experiments dislike you, and refer to you as 'the whitecoat' when you are not around. You were given a list of daily tasks telling what you need to do every day. Nowhere on the list says that there is a time you need to let them go to the bathroom, or let them shower or anything like that. You realize that their treatment is horrible, but you are not sure you want to help them, as it could hurt you and the ones you love as well. It is now that you make a decision. Will you help them, or hurt them?

*You must cheat 5000 simoleons to your account every Sunday, unless stated otherwise.
*None of the sims may have a job.
*You must ask anyone who comes by to leave.
*You must kill anyone who finds out about the experiments, or if that sounds a little too gruesome for you, you can use an alternative method, such as convincing the witness that their eyes were tricked, or using the brain enhancer has a memory deletion tool.
*You may cheat for the making the house at the beginning, but no cheating after that unless you are resetting a stuck sim, adding a baby/toddler to your household, or collecting your weekly pay.
* Every Sunday, go to the local Science Center, and use the 'tour faculty' interaction twice.
*You can leave the house at any time if you are not experimenting, but you can never bring the experiments with you.
*Once an experiment ages to young adult, they must be moved to another faculty (household, preferably with another scientist). You may have them come over, however, for experimentation or such.
*If you choose to be a 'good' scientist, and help your experiments escape, you can walk one experiment over to a lot at the edge of town and leave them there. You cannot drive them there. Go into edit town and move the sim into the household that lives there (If not, place one down). You may never purposely contact them ever again. On Sunday, you tell your superiors that they escaped on their own. If you have a 6 sided die, now is the time to use it. If you roll a 1 or 4, they believe you and don't fine you for anything. If you roll a 2 or 6, they believe you, but took 2000 simoleons from your next paycheck. If you roll a 3 or a 5, they don't believe you, and have killed you for helping them escape. You can only help an experiment escape once a week. If you choose to help one out, then you must wait an extra week so that your superiors don't get too suspicious.
*You may get married, have children, ect., but they cannot live with you. If you want, you could make the children you have your experiments!
*You cannot have romances with the experiments. Just, eww.
*You may not punish the experiments for ridiculous reasons, like for example: Little Timmy accidentally tore up his bed! Whoops! He couldn't help it, though, it's what werewolf children do! Well, too bad. When Little Timmy screws up, Little Timmy has to pay up. This is not how to handle 'bad behavior'. Instead, take away shower or toilet privileges for a day or two. You still must feed them and give them the mandatory five hours of sleep, though.

Starter Household
Your sim should be a young adult, and is expected to have a science-y look to them. They must have the traits Genius and Evil/Good, depending on how you decide to play. They cannot be a supernatural. You must also start out with a toddler, child, and teen experiment that need to be different species. They must be a fairy (avian), werewolf (dog), or witch (psychic). They should look skinny, and shouldn't have fancy clothing. The teen should each have at least one 'bad' trait, which developed with their bad treatment.

It should be close to the local science center, and should be a secluded place. It can look however you want, but just don't make it completely obvious. There must be a basement, however, for you to put the experiments. In the basement, there must be 6 cells, an 'experimentation' room, and a kitchen.

Mandatory Duties
*Once every two weeks you must kidnap a baby/toddler from their home, and add them to yours. Nobody may see you while you are kidnapping them. If they do, you must return them to their home and you are on house arrest for a week, as well as losing your pay check for that week. The fifth time it happens, you lose the challenge because you are arrested, and the experiments are given to another scientist.
*Every day, pick a teen experiment and 'experiment' with them at 8 A.M., which is basically taking them to the experimentation room and talking with them, making them use a treadmill, using the brain enhancer thing, ect. If you would like to do children as well, you can talk to them, and maybe test their skills in the areas of gardening, or a craft to see if they are gifted in that area, instead. You cannot experiment with babies or toddlers, but you still must teach toddlers all the basic skills. You need to take them back to their cell at 4 P.M.
*A new law in the Itex systems states that the experiments must be fed at least once a day, due to dozens of their experiments dying from diseases stemming from malnutrition (Took them long enough...).
*As well as feeding them, it is also required to chat with them every once in a while, as well as giving them five hours of sleep.
*While not required, it is heavily advised by Itex that you give them something to entertain themselves, and a small bathroom area with a toilet and shower.

Optional Duties
*Giving them access to whatever they need to fill their needs is optional. You must, however, feed them at least once a day, talk to them, and give them at least five hours of sleeping time.

*It's fine to be friends with the experiments.

You win the challenge if you make to Elder! You lose if you are caught helping them escape, failing to kidnap a baby/toddler 5 times, or dying early for whatever reason. If you find a part of it upsetting, it is fine to message and tell me what. The whole challenge is based of a series where child experimentation and torture was the main problem in the story. I tried to tone it down some, but I understand if it is still upsetting. I hope you enjoy the challenge if you decide to play it. I will eventually add a scoring table as well, but I really need to go to sleep now. Bye !
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It's okay! I have Asperger's too. You can do whatever, as long as you try hard. Okay?

"If you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn't be a human being. You'd be a game show host."
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What the teens' life span? (And it's interesting that you have Autism. I think I have ADHD...self-diagnosed.)
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I love people with Autism as my younger brother has high functioning aspergers as well )) sounds like a good challenge
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This looked like fun, if only because I like creating houses with secret basement chambers. (Which, upon reflection, is kind of messed up. Anyway!)

I decided to go with a dude for my med student, his name is John Carter (name shamelessly stolen from ER). He's got the traits genius, good, nurturing, clumsy, and unlucky. Since he can't have a job outside of the house I chose a skill-based lifetime wish and went with The Tinkerer (max handiness and logic). I used the unlockoutfits on cheat to get him into a doctor outfit for his everyday clothing.

My starting Teen is Iftikhar, a fairy. He's been with the program since he was a young child and has given up any hope that he will ever live to see anything but the inside of his cell and the experimentation room. He has the traits neurotic, loves the outdoors (resulting in a near constant negative moodlet from being stuck indoors his entire life), genius, and brooding.

My starting Child is Patty, a werewolf. She's fairly quiet and self-reliant. She's been with the program her entire life and doesn't know that there's a world outside, and as such she doesn't have the same level of distress and disgust Iftikhar has. She's still far from happy with their living situation, but this is exactly what life is for her, she doesn't expect it to be any different anywhere else. She has the starting traits loner, light sleeper, and neat.

My starting Toddler is Lillian, a witch. I randomized her traits to virtuoso and loves the cold. Patty and Lillian are actually sisters, but neither knows it. John has the notes in files he was given about the experiments.

The house that John lives in is fairly nondescript. I chose the lot all of the way on the outskirts of Sunset Valley by the fishing pond. If anyone came over to visit John could easily convince them that he lived a simple life in a charming little one bedroom, one bathroom home. There's a closet in the hall for storage, or so he's been instructed to tell anyone who asks... The door is locked to everyone but John and leads to a private elevator.

The basement holding cells are as follows. Each door is locked to everyone but John unless/until John has to take one of the children for testing and experimentation. There's an eating area, but it only has a fridge so the children can retrieve meals John stores in the upstairs fridge, and then a trash compactor and a dishwasher. The children are permitted out once per day to eat, except for Lillian who is fed in her room. There are two shower stalls at the end of the halls where the children are permitted to bathe once per day under supervision.

I gave the kids tablets but they're only permitted to read skill books on them, no playing online games or reading non-skill books (fiction, comic books, etc.). Each cell has a toilet so that the children can relieve themselves as necessary.

I look forward to trying this challenge out!
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I have ASD too. I may try your challenge but I don't know yet.
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