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Default Secret door library Hack
Hello everyone!
Some time ago J.M.Pescado made this mod called Autosecretdoor, for the sims to use autonomously the library that came in the expansion Apartment Life. In the traditional way, sims must read a special book so that the library opens and they can pass.
I have created a custom library that also works as a secret door, but the mod only affects the Maxis library.
Surely it is a modification in the BHAV code, but I do not understand anything about that.
Can someone with knowledge of this language review the files and identify what autonomy grants?, What should I modify in my file so that the library also works that way?

Required files:
- J.M.Pescado hack
- My library
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I am sorry, I downloaded both, opened them up...but I cannot find what is wrong. I tried, but I do not know enough!

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It's quite challenging to find the reason why. So I'm looking into it.
What did you clone in the first place ? You cloned "Very Mysterous Shelving", isn't it ?
I tried to clone the "Sliding Door ... something" and it was a big fail... (it doesn't appear anymore, maybe I have borked my program files or SimPE file Nevermind I had changed my preferences in some way...)

Because what I found is that this mod modifies only one semi globals (bookcasesemiglobals : "Interaction - Secret Door" 0x7F327BCE) the other 8 modifications are for a specific bookcase ("Bookcase - Secret Door" (0x7F28B01F) ) >> only one file out of 9 are detected by all bookcases

>>> your package, if not cloned from the right bookcase ("Very Mysterous Shelving") AND with Pescado's mod detected by SimPE, can't have any of Pescado's modifications anyway

Ok, I'm finished. I hope it's usefull enough to fix your issue.

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Thank you very much Ankoyume! For the explanation and information you have sharing here.
For me it is a bit overwhelming everything he says, since I never did this before, but I will follow your instructions, I hope to get good results.
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