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I started this challenge because I just love the idea!
I started with a female found Ginny Sterling. Her LTW was to max painting and guitar. She married the school mascot and I had him Max writing. They had, so far, a son name Jake,
Now to save up 27000 to get a bookstore. I started today and Already have a sim with one maxxed skill.

EDIT: I wasn't paying attention and Ginnys husband was an adult and is now an elder. Boo. Still saving for a book store. Ginny is super close to maxing painting which will get me an art gallery. She also aged up into an adult. They have two sons. Jake and Carter. I think i'm going to have Jake max logic since he is already level 8. Carter will max fishing and gardening.

Sterling Household:
Ginny Sterling (A) - 9/10 painting 9/10 Cooking. Im unsure if I will have her open a bistro or cafe yet or an art gallery. She is so close to both.
Venkat Sterling (E) 10/10 Writing He will get the bookstore
Jake Sterling (Te) 8/10 Logic I have no idea what I'm going to have him unlock yet
Carter Sterling (C) 3/10 Fishing He will defiantly be opening a park of some kind.

Maybe jake can do the Police Dept. I think that would be great. Get some jobs around here. I think I may have him be my heir but idk. It depends on whether or not Carter can max fishing and gardening or logic and gardening. He is up there on logic but then again so is Jake and it may be smarter to have him complete the park. So many decisions to make. I am glad I only had 2 kids though. I can't imagine trying to figure this out for more kids. Yicks.

EDIT AGAIN: I forgot all about the Inheirence and both Ginny and Venkat had enough for me to get 60,000. They were able to buy the bookstore YAY! Now we our first official store and job. I am so excited.
I seriously love this challenge. I am kind of just testing it out to see how long the obsession last and if I complete it I may restart another town and document it.

EDIT AGAIN AGAIN : Ginny maxed cooking and painting I had her open a bistro since she could afford it. I've also had Venkat get a job at the Bookstore and Ginny a job at culinary. I am so excited. They both happened so fast and I am glad that I now have jobs in town because I don't have to worry about a mate and when Venkat dies and his book royalties go away I will have some money coming in from somewhere else.
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Very interesting challenge. Question though, and I apologize if it's in the rules, I did read but didn't see it. Does ONE sim have to meet all the requirements for a lot or is like a combined household effort?

EDIT: never mind, found it.
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Originally Posted by mocajava
Very interesting challenge. Question though, and I apologize if it's in the rules, I did read but didn't see it. Does ONE sim have to meet all the requirements for a lot or is like a combined household effort?

7. Each Sim may only earn 1 community lot for you. So if your Sim has maxed Cooking and has $61,500, then you may not get both the Diner and the Bistro - you'd need a second Sim to max Cooking to get both. And it must be the same Sim - if you have one Sim max Handiness and another max Athletics, you have not earned a Military Base. Also, lots that don't require any skills must still be earned by a specific Sim (and purchased with their household's money), and you may not change your mind about which one did it.

Looks to me like it needs to be one sim completing all the requirements (except for money).
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Originally Posted by glowstarsinajar
Looks to me like it needs to be one sim completing all the requirements (except for money).

I was JUST going to edit my post with 'never mind, i found it' Sorry I must seem dumb, I have very bad reading comprehension.
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I've got a problem with moving sims in - I can use the friendly interactions till we get 'ask to move in', get them to move in with no problems - other than they come with no money. Now, I was sure this wasn't always the situation, and checked against the rules which say
"Rules for Moving Sims In or Out:....2. If the Sim you're moving in is an NPC, you can't keep the $20,000 they bring with them. The money must be wasted in some way, such as with the familyfunds cheat. On the other hand, if they're a Sim living in another household in the city or currently homeless (i.e. a "townie") then you may accept whatever money they bring with them when they move in. "

I do use various mods, so re-named my Sims 3 folder and re-opened the game to get a mod free version - Judy Bunch got money on moving Beau Andrews in but nothing for the uni mascot or Grady the maid.

In my NIF game, I'd had no money coming with the various postal workers, and when I unlocked Journalism & Business and sent my Sim off to get a job, his game allocated colleagues moved into the household with nothing. I'd used Nraas Master Controller to check their household funds before moving them in, and all should have come with money.

It doesn't make the challenge impossible, just harder, as I play Random Legacy Nothing in Life is Free, so need to move out the other sims straight away (unless I'm keeping them for the relationship roll), and therefore need enough money to buy them a house first.
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I've been making spreadsheets for myself for this. I've got one of all the skills and what they unlock, one of who unlocked what and who is working on what, and now I'm working on a sheet of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes on the vacation destinations and University.

I'm working very hard to get the dad to master cooking so we can open the diner and then the parents can go on vacation, pick up stuff and make friends with locals. Then the teen daughter is going to master writing so she can open that bookstore and she can go to University for Business. She'll come home with a boyfriend and a best friend and convince them to come live in the world. Then she can marry the boyfriend and the best friend can become enamored with one of the brothers. Then one of Mom and Dad's foreign friends can come for a visit and marry anyone left. I just don't want to deal with catching, keeping, and editing NPCs. The premade sims are at least distinctive

Mom has mastered gardening and opened a grocery. I put the farmstand and the other vegetable cart out front so it would look like Trader Joe's. Then I discovered that you can buy unusual produce and skill books from it, which might be bending or breaking the rules, but it's my file so I say it stays. The oldest son helps with the garden a lot, so I'm gonna let him master it and then have him build a playground for the town. I just hate how the kids have nowhere to go and nothing to do in the world. They all are good at fishing and have found quite a bit of wildlife, rocks, and bugs. It's kind of idyllic, but I want a playground and the oldest son is nurturing...
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Started this challenge a couple of days ago and have lots of fun with it! Very satisfying to see the town grow from the ground up.
I play in Moonlight Falls which I manually emptied by bulldozing every single lot and my founder was a guy named Adam Johnson. Get it, Adam? Because he's the first in the world? Heh. First guy he met was of course the university mascot Octavio Guevara, who was unfortunately male. I moved him in anyway so I could have two couples/two different bloodlines from the beginning (they lived in the same household though at the beginning). Who knows, maybe they will be rivaling clans in a few generations like the Altos and the Landgraabs or the Wolffs and the Van Goulds...
The Johnsons had three kids, the Guevaras had twins. Unfortunately 4 of the 5 kids were boys, and I didn't have access to watermelons yet (I do now). The Guevara twins also turned their IFs real (Cosmo and Boinky).

Community Lots:
Military base (Alex Guevara)
Bookstore (Adam Johnson)
Police station (Octavio Guevara)
Diner/Grocery combo (Raj Johnson)

Residential Lots:
Original: Adam, Will, Ella Johnson + Josh and Marv Guevara, Piper (dog)
Guevara: Octavio, Alex, Boinky (IF), Cosmo (IF), QT (dog)
Johnson: Raj, Benjamin

The households are split a bit oddly because I like to keep the sims I'm working with in one household and needed to make room, but when they grow up to YA I will move the spouses in with each other. Currently working on Will's and Josh's charisma because I really want a city hall and a school... but it's pretty hard to find enough sims for the relationship requirement (most of them are service NPCs or homeless tourists).

edit: I promptly lost this save only a short time after writing this post and of course didn't have a backup. That's okay though, I haven't progressed far anyway. If you're interested in how my new NIF challenge combined with the Random Legacy Challenge goes, I will blog about it here: Nothing is Free: Random Legacy
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#933 Old 10th Jul 2018 at 2:23 PM
I started a file that combines a lot of different challenge rules as I keep abandoning Legacies, Midnight Suns, and 3-Trait Perfect Genetics challenges because I feel I hit my apex too soon with money, town activities, sim lifespans, and house size. This challenge gives me a lot to work for and focus on! Money is always tight and my sims value each others company more! I especially like having to decide what lots to unlock, right now my Founders mate has to choose between the Hospital for his Lifetime Wish or the School for the growth of his children.

I've been playing with this challenge's rules as well as most of Midnight Sun, Perfect Genetics, and Legacy rules.
My Founder is moved onto a little lot on a tiny island which is near an empty, lightly modified Midnight Hollow.
  • F/H can't move off of the island or upgrade the size of the home lot
  • F/H can only leave twice to attend University or three times to travel to three different cities. One or the other, not both.
  • F/H must find a mate in their journey and have a perfect child that carries their genes - hair, eyes, and skin
  • Founder/Heirs must unlock a lot, birth a perfect child, and then "retire" before the elder stage in randomly-picked "rituals" - for instance my Founder has to eat a bad jellybean, but her heir might have to drown or get hit by a meteor. Mates can die of old age or retire in the same way as the founder/heir.
  • Traits are always random
  • No service sims, tourists, paparazzi, or townies (brought in from travels and moved out of course) are to be interacted with until Generation Six. I assume I'll have a mildly bustling town by then.
  • I run on a potato, so genetic failures go live with a neighborhood vampire once they are confirmed ineligible to be heirs. I had a file where 8 babies were born before the heir and it was a total slideshow lagfest until I created an orphanage lot to dump them on. Dumping grounds need enough beds and cribs to house at least six rejects.
  • Failures are to be cured of any occult status (potent cure elixirs) and rendered unable to procreate or marry. I typically do the latter via nraas but in one file I just waited until they aged up enough to be turned into perma-zombies (potent zombification elixirs). They cannot re-engage the family in any way.
  • No easy modo LHRs like Motive Mobile, Inheritance, No Bills, Fireproof Homestead, Moodlet Modifier, or wishes for money with Dusty Lamp.
  • Normal lifespan only, no Age Freeze/Immortality, Young Again Potion, Fountain of Youth Elixir, or any other age-altering shenanigans to be used on playable sims. No items, traits, or pets to scare off the Grim Reaper. Extended lifespan via occult states is okay but Founder must be a regular human turned organically.
  • Future Portal is to stay in the family inventory and never be interacted with until gen 10 or the conclusion, which is when Midnight Hollow is fully returned to its former glory.
Field Researcher
#934 Old 12th Jul 2018 at 3:27 PM
I'm going to do this. I haven't really played sims for a while, and the two times I did in the last 2-3 months or so I was bored right away. This is what i call a challenge.

The only rule I'm going to break right away is leaving the dive lots in Isla Paradiso, where I'm going to start. I want my sim to earn money through scuba diving at first.
#935 Old 18th Mar 2019 at 2:11 PM
I hope nobody hates me for dragging up this old thread. When I was last playing, (2014) this challenge was all the rage. I loved it and I'm starting it up again.

I'm changing my own personal rules to include Premium content stuff I love. I only have a few pieces of it. If I get more, I'll change the rules to fit it in. I'm also hoping if I bump this, the challenge might spark interest in some folk who didn't see it the first time.

Consignment shop: Instead of sculpting, I'm going to do the artisan skill. I thought it better matched the consignment shop inventory.
Graveyard: I've added sculpting here. Why? Because the best cemeteries are full of monuments and all kinds of artistic gravestones that would be considered sculptures if they weren't graves.

I'm doing "No buying from the fridge" until the grocery store is unlocked. Instead, I am using the cows, chickens and beehives for food. My rule for cows -- no "feed chocolate" until the grocery store opens. "feed vegetables" is OK, but I'll delete one vegetable from my inventory to "pay" for it. The chickens only eat feed, so I'll just let myself pay to feed them. If I start feeling that's too simple, I might "pay" for the feed with seeds I find. I'm going to "pay" for toy oven recipes with a milk, too.
Test Subject
#936 Old 2nd Mar 2020 at 6:33 PM
Sorry for bumping up this thread after a year without activity but I started this challenge combined with a random legacy so I wanted to share it.

1.1 Intro to NIF/RL Challenge
Test Subject
#937 Old 22nd Mar 2020 at 9:58 PM
Another chapter up: 1.2 Polulating the World
#938 Old 26th Mar 2020 at 2:45 AM
I'm interested to see someone else is doing this challenge, as I've been having fun rebuilding Jericho. I slightly cheated by starting with a couple rather than one sim, because I had a couple I was going to use for another challenge and wanted to play with. In my defence, finding a spouse is never that difficult, and her traits weren't chosen for this challenge (though they do suit her husband). Current progress:

Residential Lots: 2
FitzOsborne Hall (Played lot): Henry FitzOsborne (founder), Charlotte FitzOsborne, Alice FitzOsborne, Victoria FitzOsborne, Louise FitzOsborne, Stephen Farne, Deanne Farne, Guy Farne
Railway Warehouse 1: Beverley Byers (plus dog adopted by Story Progression)

Community Lots: 3
Lake Galson: Fishing Spot (Stephen Farne)
Jericho Fire Department: Fire Station (Beverley Byers)
Black Books: Bookshop (Charlotte FitzOsborne)

I've increased my population using postal workers so far (Deanne, Stephen, and Beverley) and having children (Alice, Victoria, Guy, and Louise), but now they've unlocked lots I may send Stephen and/or Charlotte on an overseas trip to find some new recruits.
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#939 Old 12th Apr 2020 at 12:59 PM
Wow, this challenge is making quarantine fun! I haven't played a lot of TS3 (I never really moved on from the TS2), but I've been discovering all sorts of things with this challenge. My imagination has run a bit wild and I've developed a "story" around it.

Founder: Jebediah Grove
Traits: Loner, Green Thumb, Loves the Outdoors, Handy, Technophobe
World: Emptied Appaloosa Plains
Additional rules (so far):
- No firefighter service (must unlock firehouse)
- No repairman (must have a sim max the handiness skill)
- No police service (must unlock police station)
- No maid (must have 5 households in town)
- No pizza deliverer (must unlock diner)
- No selling wildflowers (ever - those sell prices are ludicrous!)
- No papparazi or celebrity status (turn off/mod out celebrity status until theatre unlocked)
Unlocked (so far):
- Military Base by Jebediah Grove

Story/Progress (so far):
Jeb is a country boy and an introvert that dreamed of building a log cabin in the middle of nowhere and living a quiet, peaceful hermit life of gardening, fishing and hiking. He chose the Appaloosa region for its natural woods and meadows, and built his dream log cabin by the river. With his only brief contact the mailman and newspaper boy, he savored the loner life, planting seeds he found on hikes, subsisting off fish and selling bits of metals and ores he found here and there. Working out and hiking regularly, he soon maxed the Athletics skill, and after tinkering with the household plumping and appliances, he maxed Handiness too. Around the same time, far across town, up a dirt road and nestled in the hills, a mysterious top-secret Military Base appeared, unbeknownst to Jeb.

Despite loving the loner life, as Jeb transitioned into an adult, he realised there was something missing: a companion by his side. Short of leaving the Appaloosa region completely, Jeb ventured further than ever before and visited the only establishment for miles, hoping to get lucky at the run down Dino Diner by the highway. (Read: I ordered a pizza to spawn a "waiter".  ) He struck gold, meeting Janis, an insane country girl with a cowboy hat, who was the sole waitress at the dilapidated diner. She was intrigued by his unusual life, and he was excited that she was a woman. They courted quickly, the diner closed not long after (falling into its present day, ruinous state), and she moved in.

(I know I bent my rules on the pizza delivery, but poor old Jeb was getting on in his Adult years without a partner. I saw a strategy in this thread about finding a partner overseas but Jeb doesn't seem the travelling type, so I was happy to justify it with the narrative!)

Shortly before Janis moved in, however, late one night, Jeb heard noises out the front of his cabin and went to investigate. He was shocked to see a mysterious visitor - an alien female by the name of Axane. After weeks of no females, there was a second female in just a few days! Jeb approached and found her to be friendly, but she didn't stay long. She was in a rush, mentioning something about a nearby Military Base...

And that's all for now. Hopefully I still have time to play after the Easter break !
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#940 Old 23rd Apr 2020 at 12:54 AM
Another chapter! 1.3 Expanding the Town
Test Subject
#941 Old 22nd May 2020 at 6:33 AM
A month has passed since my last update, one reason is because I've been playing other challenges and the other is that the Naufragos don't have much to do on a desert island other than skilling, the gen goal and misc fun. I guess I have to find sims that I can move to some small house, my family needs to socialize.

1.4 Island's Looks
Test Subject
#942 Old 7th Jun 2020 at 9:28 PM
This chapter is the end of gen 1. A heir has been chosen!

1.5 Of Ends and Biginnings
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#943 Old 14th Jun 2020 at 1:36 PM
Believe it or not, I am still playing this challenge! A lot has happened since my first post.

My founder Jeb married pizza girl Janis (insane, daredevil, unlucky) and together they had one son, Dusty (virtuoso, family oriented, loves the outdoors). Jeb also moved in the alien female visitor, Axane Ne'Xafughos (family oriented, excitable, frugal). Jeb and Axane started woohooing right under Janis' nose, and soon Axane fell pregnant. It was getting cramped (not to mention risky), so I moved Axane out, into a tiny 1 bedroom log cabin nearby. I play rotationally/TS2-style using Nraas with ageing off in non-active households, so my gameplay became rotation-based from here.

Axane, a family-oriented sim, went on to have 3 children with Jeb in the tiny log cabin - Frederick (good, party animal, vehicle enthusiast), Priscilla (evil, genius, hot-headed) and Albion (neat, hydrophobic, loves the outdoors), who all inherited highly alien features. Axane made money as an Inventor, and unlocked the Junkyard. Priscilla grew up with an imaginary best friend, Riley (green thumb, coward, absent-minded), who she made human. Riley then started dating Priscilla's older brother Frederick. After saving a lot of money, and doing a lot of skilling, Frederick unlocked the Police Station and moved out with Riley into a nice mid-century modern house in a suburban street close to town. They married and had two sons together - Bobby (couch potato, animal lover, friendly) and George (genius, computer whiz, easily impressed). Frederick is now climbing the forensics career while Riley is a self-employed Writer and they are saving the $80,000 to unlock the Bookstore/Spa combo. Meanwhile, Priscilla unlocked the Criminal Warehouse and began pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming the Empress of Evil. She moved into her own place as well, a very modern house on the ridge above town. She is still unmarried. Finally, Albion became an Angler and unlocked a fishing spot, and transformed his imaginary best friend Peanut (family oriented, charismatic, good sense of humour) into a human. Together they had Jacob (slob, insane) and Rebecca (genius, perceptive), with more kids planned to achieve Peanut's 5 kids lifetime wish. The log cabin was renovated into a 3 bedroom log-style house, and this is where the now-elder Axane, Albion, Peanut, Jacob and Rebecca reside. Peanut is working on maxing the charisma/athletic/logic skills, so that she can unlock the School/Stadium combo for the third generation children.

In relation to the original Grove family, after saving a lot of simoleons largely through gardening, Janis was able to purchase a small local graveyard (I felt something odd like this suited her insane personality, and she was pretty bad at skilling). Dusty grew up with an imaginary best friend, Patch (loves the outdoors, vehicle enthusiast, loves the heat) who become human and I gave Patch the surname Toy. Dusty joined the Gardener career and unlocked the Grocery store, while Patch Toy joined the Military career and moved out into a small trailer near the Military base. One night, the Grove household was robbed by Avery Sage (klepto, athletic, loner), who Dusty befriended and eventually became his girlfriend. By this point, Jeb and Janis should have passed away, but I couldn't bear to see them go so they both used one deathflower to prolong their lives. I renovated the log cabin into a large 3-bedroom log-style house, Dusty and Avery married, and they had two children together, Brenda (loves the cold, disciplined, heavy sleeper), and Paul (brave, light sleeper). Avery is in the Criminal career to pursue her lifetime wish of becoming a Master Thief and is currently working on the Cooking skill on the side - I think she's going to unlock the Diner. I don't think I'll give Jeb and Janis any more deathflowers, so it won't be long until the Graveyard gets its first ghostly residents.

As for the Toy family, Patch saw quite a few women during his young adult years, and also had a fling with Priscilla, before finally settling down with Jenny (flirty, artistic, bookworm), who he met through work. Before they married, they upgraded to a mid-century modern style house on the same street as Frederick (in my mind, this street will be a mid-century housing development from the 50's/60's era). Together they had one son, Jerry (evil, loves the heat). As a heat-lover, Patch is probably going to unlock the Pool. Not sure what Jenny is going to unlock yet - she's currently a self-employed Writer working on the Writing and Painting skills as her lifetime wish is illustrious author, so maybe the Library.

Households: 5
  • Grove - Jebediah (E), Janis (E), Dusty (A), Avery (A), Brenda (C), Paul (Tod)
  • Ne'Xafughos - Axane (E), Albion (YA), Peanut (YA), Jacob (Tod), Rebecca (Tod)
  • Grove - Fred (A), Riley (A), Bobby (C), George (C)
  • Grove - Priscilla (A)
  • Toy - Patch (A), Jenny (A), Jerry (To)
Number of Playable Sims: 19
Lots unlocked: Military Base, Junkyard, Grocery Store, Police Station, Criminal Warehouse, Fishing Spot
Lots in the pipeline: Bookstore/Spa combo, School/Stadium combo, Pool, Library, Diner

Still having lots of fun with this challenge! Hopefully I don't get too overwhelmed as the population continues to expand, with my control-freak nature to play them all!
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#944 Old 15th Jun 2020 at 1:14 AM
Since this thread is so long, I only searched a few pages for the answer to my possibly dumb question: Does the Sim start out with no home whatsoever, not even a 5x5 shack? Just pees on the ground and sleeps next to it? What about seasons? How do they not starve and freeze to death? I forget what sorts of edibles are available in the open world. It sounds interesting, but I'm really tripped up on this part!
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#945 Old 16th Jun 2020 at 12:52 PM
Originally Posted by sychogrl
Since this thread is so long, I only searched a few pages for the answer to my possibly dumb question: Does the Sim start out with no home whatsoever, not even a 5x5 shack? Just pees on the ground and sleeps next to it? What about seasons? How do they not starve and freeze to death? I forget what sorts of edibles are available in the open world. It sounds interesting, but I'm really tripped up on this part!

I assumed we could start with whatever funds you get straight out of CAS. I moved my founder into a lot of my choosing and built the tiny two room house in the attached pic (hopefully the pic upload works).

You could always do a hardcore mode where they start out with $0. That would be challenging!
#946 Old 18th Jun 2020 at 5:43 AM
I started out by building what is now the barn, and my starting sims lived there - with one big room and a bathroom. In fact by the time winter arrived I'd built most of the main house (though it was still largely unfurnished) and everyone moved inside.

My town has many more sims and many new lots. Current progress:

Residential Lots: 5
FitzOsborne Hall (Played lot): Henry FitzOsborne (founder), Charlotte FitzOsborne, Alice FitzOsborne, Victoria FitzOsborne, Louise FitzOsborne, Elizabeth FitzOsborne, Mary FitzOsborne, Frances FitzOsborne, Charles Humphries, Sun Young Humphries (nee Kim), Peter Humphries, Suzanne Myers
4 Fulcaster Terrace: empty
3 Fulcaster Terrace: Troy Delainey
4 Railway Road: Ho Sung Kim, Beverley Kim, Melody Kim (plus two dogs)
6 Railway Road: Stephen Farne, Deanne Farne, Guy Farne

Community Lots: 10
Lake Galson: Fishing Spot (Stephen Farne)
Jericho Fire Department: Fire Station (Beverley Byers)
Black Books: Bookshop (Charlotte FitzOsborne)
Farne Foods: Grocery Shop (Deanne Farne)
Rose Nouveau Spa: Day Spa (Guy Farne)
The Dancing Dragon Academy: Martial Arts Academy (Ho Sung Kim)
FitzOsborne School: School (Henry FitzOsborne)
Jericho City Hall: City Hall (Troy Delainey)
The Old Station Museum: Art Gallery (Sun Young Humphries)
The Lost Sock Laundrette: Laundromat (Peter Humphries)

I've increased my population using postal workers (Deanne, Stephen, Beverley, Troy, and Suzanne), Firefighters (Charles), recruiting locals from a trip to China (Ho Sung and Sun Young) and having children (Alice, Victoria, Guy, Louise, Elizabeth, Mary, Melody, Frances, and Peter). Stephen and Charlotte went on a very successful trip to China which brought back two new recruits and loads of money.

While I usually play using rotations of some kind, for this challenge I'm only playing FitzOsborne Hall and never switching to any other household. So any sim who is going to unlock a lot for me needs to stay in FitzOsborne Hall until it's unlocked. Charles Humphries is nearly done on a small park, and then the Humphries family will move out, and I'll move in Suzanne's boyfriend (firefighter Dave Cooke) and maybe a tourist sim who's been hanging around lately.
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#947 Old 7th Jul 2020 at 12:50 AM
Originally Posted by Bananas8338
You could always do a hardcore mode where they start out with $0. That would be challenging!

I actually just tried this! Since you start out in summer, the main danger is overheating, not freezing. I put my sim in a lot next to the old dried-up lake in Lucky Palms. Had her fish for food and money. She did catch fire a couple times, but since she spends most of her time by the lake, she was able to extinguish herself. When she had enough money, I built her a little shack to shelter from the elements. Once you have those things, survival is pretty much guaranteed.

I think my buying priority order was:
- sleeping bag
- fire pit (essential to be able to eat, since until you get a fridge there won't be any produce available and sims will not eat raw fish)
- walls. You can use the free flooring and wall coverings.

You do have to let hygiene go, but being stinky doesn't have any ill effects other than a bad moodlet. All the other needs are covered.
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