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Default Animal Shelter Challenge!
Hello! Before I say anything, I do understand this has been done before. This is a modified version of Merissa's Animal Shelter Challenge, with more advanced points and some more rules. Italics are things I've edited/added.

1. You cannot use any money cheats, however you may build a lot under 50,000 simoleons.
2. You must start on an empty lot (Preferably a large one).
3. You cannot live on the same floor as the animals (ex. You live on the second floor and the animals live on the first, animals can't go to your floor).
4. Different species can't live in the same area and can't come in contact with each other (ex. Cats can't live with dogs. They must have their own separate area.).
5. You must have a bathing area for the animals (This cannot be your personal bathtub.).
6. Each animal must have its own room/sectioned off area with a food bowl, a bed, and a toy (ex. A room like you'd see at an animal shelter. where dogs have their own little sections/rooms.).
7. The animals rooms must have a door leading outside to a fenced area, this door can stay unlocked. There must be another door leading into the animals room for you to enter. This door HAS to be locked and only accessible to you.
8. Your character may NOT have a job, they can only make money doing things around the house (Ex: Book writing, Painting, Fishing, Playing guitar for tips, etc.).
To put an animal up for adoption, it must know how to sit and speak.
9. To have puppies you have to make them their own separate room. All of the puppies can be in this room, no adult/elder dogs allowed. This room must have toys, food bowls, and a minimum of 3 beds. This room also needs access to a small fenced in yard, no adult dogs in this yard either.
10. When a puppy ages up it must go into its own room like every other adult dog.

1. For each animal you adopt out, you get +2 points.
2. For each animal born on the lot, you earn +2 points.
3. For each animal that is fully taken care of at the end of a day (12:00am) you earn +1 point
4. If an animal runs away, you lose -3 points.
5. If different species (i.e. cat and dog) come in contact, you lose -1 points.
6. If a puppy comes into contact with an adult dog (except from its parents) you lose -1 points.
7. If an animal goes into your living space, you lose -1 points.
8. If you get your animals taken away, you have lost the game.

Please go check out the original challenge here by Merissa, as I've modified her version!! I hope you enjoy this challenge!
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